Introducing exertd - Official Launch

We have officially launched! A special thank you goes out to everyone who was a part of our building process and stuck with us as we have developed a lifestyle that will make a difference on many lives, as it has for us. 

exertd was created as a memento to your dedication, your perseverance, and ultimately your success. We strive to not only produce high-quality clothing and accessories but to motivate you, and remind you that if you exert yourself, anything is possible.

We welcome all of you as family and we will leverage our exertd platform to open the doors for endless possibilities; because we believe everyone has a passion for something! We happen to express ourselves through clothing but your may do so with a canvas, a microphone, a surfboard, a spray can, a violin, a classroom, a YouTube channel, a stage, a basketball, ANYTHING! So no matter what you're passionate about, you should ALWAYS devote time to perfecting your craft.

See Our Story to learn more about who we are and why we do what we do.

Check out #DareToExert and be a part of the exertd movement.

Pursue. Prove. Thrive.

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